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Discipleship Groups

A Discipleship Group is a formal group of two to four people (same gender only) who commit to meet together regularly for the purpose of investing in one another spiritually for a specific period of time.

Discipleship Groups exist to do what Sunday mornings and fellowship groups cannot fully do. They offer a more personal and intentional form of discipleship, care and accountability. Remember to update your Discipleship Group Info when you have formed your group.

One of the best ways to start a Discipleship Group is by asking 2-3 people to take the Personal Discipleship Inventory and meet together to share and discuss your results. Here are some other ideas on how to begin a Discipleship Group:

Start With The Relationships You Are Already Building

The easiest thing to do is take a moment to identify two to four people that you already have relationships with at HRF. Maybe they are in your Fellowship Group. Maybe you serve with them on Sundays. Ask them if they would be interested in forming a Discipleship Group with you! If we can offer any advice, resist the temptation to wait for someone to ask you. Take the initiative to find someone else who is not in a group and ask them to join you!

Look For Opportunities To Start Building Relationships

Maybe you are newer at HRF or still feel like you don’t know too many people. Perhaps one of the best steps you can take towards being in a Discipleship Group is to start building relationships first. Join a Fellowship Group. Serve on Sundays with other people. These are great ways to start getting to know people on a deeper level, and it will add value to your experience with Discipleship Groups later on. Discipleship Groups often work best when they are formed out of natural relationships. So have patience, get plugged in, and get to know people!

Ask A Leader For Some Help To Get Started

Maybe you are still having a hard time finding people who are available to form a group with you. If that is the case, you can always talk to your Fellowship Group leader and ask them to help you form a group. Another option is to reach out to an elder and they would be glad to help!