God-Centered. Christ-Exalting. Gospel-Driven.


We are God-Centered because the ultimate foundation for our passion to see God glorified is his own passion to be glorified. God is central and supreme in his own affections. There are no rivals for the supremacy of God’s glory in his own heart. God is not an idolater. He does not disobey the first and great commandment. With all his heart and soul and strength and mind he delights in the glory of his manifold perfections. The most passionate heart for God in the entire universe is God’s heart.


We are Christ Exalting because Jesus Christ is everything. There is no person or thing more wonderful than Jesus. And yet Jesus Christ laid aside his glory to come into this world as a human being to save us from our sin. He came as our substitute, living a perfect life for us, then willingly giving His life for us on the cross to pay the penalty for our sin. He has reconciled us to God by shedding His blood on the cross so that we now stand forgiven, holy and blameless before God. We belong to Jesus. His name and renown are the desire of our hearts.


We are Gospel-Driven because the gospel is what inflames us with love for Jesus Christ, enabling us to live holy lives full of freedom and love and grace. The reality and message of this gospel is not only for sharing with non-believers, it is the fuel that burns in the heart of every Christian, every day, motivating us to love Jesus and live for Him. Without the message of the gospel constantly informing our thoughts and actions, we would easily slip into duty bound religion, legalism, formalism, and many other forms of idolatry.