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Eulogy Message for Jamie Freeman

March 6, 2015 Preacher: Miguel Davilla Series: Stand-Alone Messages

Topic: Funeral Message Passage: Romans 6:5–6:10

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This morning we celebrate and remember the life of Jamie Freeman.

Last Friday, our daughter, sister, mother, wife, and friend was called home to be with the Lord and since that day, our hearts have been deeply broken. 

Jamie Loved People

They are broken because Jamie meant and still means so much to us. Over the past week, as I have heard the stories of Jamie and the many memories she has left us with, one thing is clear - God used Jamie’s life to love, serve, and impact, so many people. Her tender spirit would always seem to leave a sense of peace with you.

This was true for me as well. As her pastor, Jamie was a constant source of encouragement to me. It seemed like every time I would see her, her primary goal in our interaction was to make sure that I felt encouraged, and I know I am not the only one that feels that way. Over the last few days, many people have shared the many ways in which Jamie served to be an encouragement to them as well. You can spend hours on her Facebook page reading the many stories of all the ways Jamie impacted so many lives.

Who would have thought that someone who seemed to speak so little, had said so much to say to all of us?

Jamie Loved Music

Jamie didn't just love people. She also loved music, and that love for music followed her as a child into adulthood. It was yet another way we all were impacted by her life. On Jamie’s final Sunday with us at church, she played keyboard on the worship team, something we all know she loved doing. God gave Jamie a gift for music - and Jamie used that gift not to serve herself, but to serve others and leading them to worshipping and praising God. I love the fact that on her last Sunday with us, it was spent doing something she loved to do - playing music and serving others. I remember directly after the service going up to her and thanking her for serving us so well, and she responded the way she always did whenever you would seek to compliment her - with just a few simple words, “It's my privilege”.

And that’s why she impacted us so much. Jamie did not see loving and serving others as a burden to be endured but as a privilege to be exercised. A privilege that we all were the recipients of in one way or another. Which is why we are grieved today to experience such a great loss.

Death is not natural. As human beings we were not created to experience death - our own or others. We weren't created to die. Death has a way of forcing us to have to deal with our own mortality in ways that makes us very uncomfortable. It forces us to stop, reflect and ask some really hard questions, and at times like this we may be tempted to seek comfort by trying to get answers to all the questions - all the why’s.

But God does not always seek to comfort us by explaining why - rather he seeks to comfort us by pointing us to the only true source of comfort - which is Himself. Some of those questions we have, we don't have answers to right now - they have not been revealed to us yet. But God has revealed Himself to us, and I’m thankful that God revealed Himself to Jamie.

Jamie Loved God

At a young age, Jamie knew why she was created, and it’s same reason you and I were created. Jamie was created to glorify God and to enjoy him forever. She knew that she was made in the image of God and that God created her to display Him to the world - to display His character, His love, His goodness.

But Jamie also knew because of sin, she could not reflect God like she was created to. Rather than reflect God’s character perfectly, she and all of us have distorted it. Rather than tell the truth about God with our lives, instead we lie about him, and because we lie about God, we are separated from God.

God Loved Jamie

But because of God’s great love for us, and God’s great love for Jamie - He provided us a way to be reconciled to Himself. He provided us a Savior. God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to live the life that Jamie, and we could never live. A life that reflected God perfectly, and a life that ended by paying the penalty that we deserved to pay ourselves. By dying on the cross - the death that we should have died - Christ died for us, and He died for Jamie. That’s the good news of the gospel, and Jamie believed it. Jamie heard this good news and responded to it by turning away from her sin and no longer trusting in herself but Christ as her Savior.

As I was preparing to give this message - I pulled up Jamie’s membership application for our church, and on that application, we ask the question - “What is the gospel?”. As I read Jamie’s simple and clear response - I couldn't help but to find huge comfort in her knowledge and understanding of the gospel. I want to share it with you this morning because I know Jamie would want to share it with you as well - to serve as a source of comfort to all of us.

Hear in Jamie’s own words as she shares the gospel with us:

“The gospel is the good news of what Jesus Christ accomplished through His perfect life, death, and resurrection for the remission of our sins. He died the death that we deserve, that we might be reconciled with God, the Father, and have eternal life if we believe and have faith in him.”

Jamie believed this gospel - and its that good news that brings all of us much comfort this morning. Because of her faith in Christ - God united Jamie to Christ. Which means what is true for Christ is also true for Jamie, and because Jamie experienced the death Christ experienced, Jamie will also experience the resurrection Christ experienced as well.

Jamie Loved Her Husband & Her Savior

Jamie’s union with Christ was not invisible in her life. It was displayed visually by her union to her husband - Will. Will and Jamie’s marriage served as the visual display of a greater union between her and her savior, and their marriage displayed that beautifully. Whenever I would spend time with them, and Will would be Will, I would always look to Jamie and ask her “Is he always like this?” To which she would say with such adoration, “Yes.” It was apparent Jamie loved her husband, because she loved her Savior.

Will, thank you for loving and leading Jamie so well. You fulfilled your calling as her husband faithfully - to love her as Christ loved her and to lead her as Christ led her, to which he finally now has to himself. Your marriage to Jamie served as a beautiful picture of Christ's relationship to her. But that picture is no longer necessary, because the true reality has now been fulfilled. God’s purpose in Jamie’s life has ultimately been revealed. She was created to glorify God and enjoy Him forever, and now she is - perfectly.

Jamie is happier today than the happiest person on earth could ever be, and in that we rejoice with her and find the much needed comfort for our broken hearts. So as we sing this last song - “At The Cross”, let's rejoice at the cross - it’s only there, where we will find true peace and comfort for our souls, just as Jamie did.

 Funeral Program for Jamie Freeman (PDF)

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