Hampton Roads Fellowship was recently blessed with the opportunity of being gifted a church building for our congregation.

Would you help us raise the necessary funds to be able to make this building our new church home?


Current Progress

$0 $250,000


Hampton Roads Fellowship was started in 2013 with the purpose of displaying the character of God, through the people of God, for the glory of God in the Hampton Roads area. Over these last six years, God has poured out his grace to us in countless ways. We have seen many conversions and baptisms and have seen relationships grow with God and with one another.

During these last years, HRF has gathered in the chapel of Parkview Baptist Church in Newport News, Virginia. Parkview has been a great partner in ministry, generously allowing our church family to use their facility to mature and grow, which by God's grace, HRF has been doing both spiritually and numerically. On most Sundays, we have been at capacity in our sanctuary and in our children's ministry areas. This growth has led us to a new challenge as a church—finding a place for our church family to call our permanent home.

Knowing this challenge, HRF has been praying for another church to partner with in the same way God allowed us to do with Parkview Baptist Church. Our desire has been to remain in the downtown Newport News area because of the gospel need and also because of the strategic location for reaching the wider Hampton Roads community.

Last year, HRF became aware of Calvary Baptist Church, a church that has been a faithful gospel witness in the downtown Newport News community for almost 120 years. Calvary Baptist has been praying about what the Lord was calling them to do as an aging and shrinking congregation with their church and building facility.


After a series of meetings between the leadership of HRF and Calvary Baptist Church, the congregation of Calvary Baptist recently voted to graciously gift their church building to Hampton Roads Fellowship. We are excited and humbled that we will now be able to carry out our mission for years to come in a permanent church home through the generosity displayed by the saints of Calvary Baptist Church.


With the acquisition of our new church home, HRF will be able to initiate and expand several ministries that we have desired to build for some time. We will also need to renovate and remodel the building to create an environment that will help us to accomplish our mission as a church.

These ministry areas include:

  • HRF Kids & HRF Students - HRF has been blessed with a large number of children of all ages within our church family, and our new home will provide the opportunity to better serve these children and help them grow in their relationships with Christ and the gospel.

  • HRF Institute - HRF has begun to offer classes on Sunday mornings for members and visitors. Our new facility will allow us to offer more classes on Sundays as well as host various lectures and seminars throughout the week for God's people to be built up and edified.

  • HRF Counseling - We have experienced a great need to provide sound biblical counseling to our church members and others. Our desire is to open a counseling center staffed by trained members of HRF that will provide free biblical counseling to the local community.

  • SERVE Hampton Roads - The third floor of the building will be renovated and used to provide office space for local ministries and organizations that will help to serve the Hampton Roads community.

We have an opportunity to see this vision take shape for the long term in a permanent facility, and while all of these plans are exciting, we are most excited about the gospel witness that HRF will have in the downtown community of Newport News and the greater Hampton Roads area for years to come.


While we have been gifted this church building free of charge, we do need your help in making this facility into our new home. There are many remodeling projects and repairs that are necessary to allow us to be able to carry out our ministry. We estimate that the cost to accomplish all of the projects and repairs is approximately $250,000. This is a great need that our church cannot bear alone.

If you have been blessed by the ministry of HRF or know someone who has, would you consider helping us to continue that gospel ministry in our new church home?

You can give either a one-time or recurring donation below. You can also purchase items we need from our Amazon Charity List below as well. If you prefer to mail your donation, you can send it to our mailing address:

Hampton Roads Fellowship
26 Towne Centre Way #705
Hampton, VA 23666

Thank you in advance for your prayers and generous support in meeting these needs. We can't wait to welcome you to our new church home!