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The Lord is trustworthy...

"The Lord is trustworthy.

The last 6 months have been everything but what I had planned them to be. All throughout my four years at college, I had planned to graduate and attend seminary with the hopes of pastoring one day. In the very last semester, however, for various reasons, I realized that that was not what the Lord was calling me to, at least not immediately. With only months until graduation, I no longer had a plan for my next step in life. I frantically applied for jobs but was mostly denied. As a result, I did what every college graduate dreams of, I moved back in with mom and dad and took a minimum wage paying job where I work primarily alongside high school students.

For the first few months, I felt depressed, I felt like a failure, and I felt that my current circumstances were the result of "Plan A" falling through...falling all the way through to "Plan F" in fact. And then I joined HRF. Since then, God has lavished his love upon me through his body, through this church. I have had my mind changed, my pride exposed, my affections stirred, my soul encouraged, my sin rebuked, and my trust renewed.

I can see now what I couldn't see before. Everything that I exactly needed for my spiritual growth, the Lord knew 6 months ago and has masterfully orchestrated "Plan A" in bringing me here to HRF. The Lord has used HRF to transform what appeared to be a low point in life into one of the sweetest of seasons thus far. In all times and places, the Lord is trustworthy."