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Giving for the sake of Christ...

"When I was looking for a place to worship that taught the bible, preached the bible, strive to understand, and try their best to live out what God has commanded us with His gracious help and power, I found Miguel Davilla first who expressed his heart for God to create a discipleship environment where people can learn and grow in love. I remember committing soon after we met and being eager for many things that I learned would be largely different than I anticipated. Our church, from inception has been giving of time, resources, and belongings so we could operate in trust and gratitude at what the Lord, in His word, displayed for us as character traits becoming of the church. Up to this day ive seen the same grace being displayed from needing a place to live, to needing help going further in my trust in Gods word, to needing trust God more in his church, to needing really practical everyday needs, to needing spiritual and emotional support in bewildering seasons, to getting married, to having a child.... I could and will, by Gods grace, go on and on about what He is doing in local church. It's all because, and l I'm more convinced of this, as time goes by, our eagerness to go deeper into the knowledge of God and seek wisdom in how to walk with the Lord and one another, has proven to be helpful and revealing. We have made the doctrine of Gods grace visible in challenges and rejoicing moments.

I'm grateful to be here, I'm grateful to have my family here, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to welcome others into our church.

It's not common to be able to invite people to your church and you feel confident about their growth in the Lord and with His people."