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Post Category: Pastoral Exhortations

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Why Preaching?

If you come to Hampton Roads Fellowship (or many other churches), you can expect to sit down for 40 plus minutes as a preacher explains a text in the Bible, proclaims that text, and applies it to the congregation. But have you ever stopped to think about why we spend all of this time in God's Word? Why devote 20 or 30 hours a week to prepare a sermon for a small church in...

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Every church has some driving principle that motivates what they do. Whether it's the desire to be a big, relevant, or welcoming, something will drive the direction of your church. It seems common these days that the church planters are asking about fruitfulness, thriving, and multiplying, which could all be the evidence of health, but also could be the result of clever h...

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What is a Church Covenant?

This afternoon, the members of the church will be meeting for our quarterly members meeting. It's one of the primary ways that we provide member care for one another as we are updated on the life of the church as as individuals andas a whole. One of the first things that we do at our members meeting is read through our church covenant together and pray that God will give u...

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