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HRF Weekly Update - May 20, 2018


This Sunday, May 20, 2018, Pastor Miguel will be preaching from Acts 2:1-13.

We encourage you to prepare for corporate worship by reading and praying through the text prior to the message on Sunday.


Here are a few discipleship resources our elders recommend checking out this week.

  • You Are Totally (Not) Depraved - Our Father has brought us into the family, into an eternal celebration, into a new identity, from which we fight and defeat sin in the power of his Spirit.
  • The Ordinary Means of Grace - Awakening or revival occurs when these ordinary streams of divine blessing flow out with unusual power, and the benefits of the gospel pour out upon us with wonderful impact that is clearly of God and not at all of ourselves.
  • Church Is More Than A Sunday Activity - Church isn’t just an event. It never was. Church is a family, full of brothers and sisters in homes and workplaces and circuses and hospital rooms, walking together on our way home.

Please read them and use them as discipleship opportunities to discuss with one another. You can also view an archive of recommended discipleship resources here.


This year HRF will be hosting a Memorial Day BBQ at Sandy Bottom Nature Park in Hampton at the Lakeside Pavilion! Please feel free to bring family and friends for a time of fellowship and fun in the park. Bring blankets, chairs, outdoor games (frisbee, etc.), and sunscreen/bug spray. We will eat around noon, and fellowship until sundown. Please sign up by May 21st and let us know what meal item you will bring.

Please sign up and let us know what you will be bringing here.


As mentioned in our quarterly member's meeting, we are asking all members of HRF to submit their preferences regarding which areas of hospitality they are willing to serve in, to include serving communion and reading scripture during corporate worship.

Please take a moment and check as many positions that you would be willing to serve in here.